what’s your motivation?


 From experience, I have come to observe that different lhave different things that motivate them and spur them to action– that empowers them to do the things they wouldn’t do ordinarily. So the question is, what’s your motivation? 

Before you can answer that, we have to lay a foundational idea of motivation. From definition, motivation means “The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. You can see from this definition that motivation is a “reason” so the question  is, what gives you the reason to act in a certain way or do some things?

Also, we can break the word motivation into two words which are MOTIVE and ACTION. So what does this tell you? Motivation has to have a motive, meaning “no motive, no action”. For you to be motivated, you have to define your motive first which your motivation will work with to refine your action. By “refine your action”, I mean that motivation will work with your motive to take you to the peak of your performance which you wouldn’t reach ordinarily.

Stay with me to learn about harnessing the power of motivation on my next post.


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