Last time we learnt about motivation— about what it really is. So now we will be learning about how to harness the power of motivation. 

The first step to take in harnessing the power of motivation is to have goals. Having goals bring into you a sense of rImageesponsibility. On a natural point of view humans don’t like being responsible so hardly does anything motivate them in this state. But with a sense of responsibility in you birthed from having a goal, you will look for things to motivate you towards achieving that goal. So first step, Have goals get motivated.

 From my last post, motivation was broken down into two words, MOTIVE and ACTION. So another way to harness the power of motivation is to have a motive. Motive is how you want your achievement to look like. The size of your dream will determine the amount of motivation you will draw out from within and outside. So keep a positive motive, keep your dream alive and motivation will come to you.

 Another effective way of harnessing the power of motivation is to stay around people that will keep you motivated. Nothing ties someone down more than being with the wrong company. The truth is, you will never get motivated or use your motivation–if you ever get one, by being around negative people who are also demotivators. Learn to be around positive people.

 Finally guys, what will be the use of getting motivated if you never get to use it? So act with your motivation or watch it drain out. Motivation is strength and strength is energy. Yes it is true that energy can’t be destroyed but it can be lost! 

 So till next time,be motivated!




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