ImageHey readers! I learnt an important principle about life that has transformed my thinking and it is, “Life only pays you what you ask from it”- no more no less. A lot of people bargain with life but it is only a few that are carry out meaningful transactions. People tend to play around this fact and it has caused them much harm. They only ask for minute things and when life pays them, they go around groping and saying ” well, life is unfair”. No! Not so! Life is the fair. It only paid what you asked for!


Now when I say ask from life I don’t mean making empty wishes and expect to fall into a Magical pot of GOLD ( ridiculous, right?). It doesn’t work that way, but here is how it works;

Have you heard of the law of sowing and harvest? It simply says “You always reap whatever you sow”. So there you have it. The transactions we make with life are the things we put into it– your time and resources–most especially your time—and it gives back to you in fair proportion ( no cheating in anyway!). So you see, how you give to life determines how it gives back and you give to life by sowing. And point of note, don’t always expect an instant harvest– it is not voodoo! It takes time for your request to process and when it is ripe, you are going to receive the reward. But remember, in the proportion which you asked for. 


So start sowing big. Request for big things from life and it will pay you fairly!



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