This post is about finding and knowing your purpose in life and , I’ll be writing a post on knowing where your origin. Now a lot of you might be thinking this is not important, and some will be like “how does knowing my origin help me find my true purpose in life”. But I want you to know that knowing where you originate from will help you find purpose and to know your source. So I just want you to go through this regardless of what you’re thinking or feeling right now and I trust that after you are done, you will find reason with this.

Now, what is the first answer that comes to your mind when somebody asks you, where did you come from? Some will be like, “you know, science taught us that all humans evolved so I guess evolution was my origin”, or some will go, “my parents gave birth to me, so I guess my parents are my origin- or maybe my ancestors”. There is plenty of errors with these two kinds of thinking because they bring you to a position that assumes that you just happened. And if you’d agree with me, anything that ‘just happens’ doesn’t have a purpose. And I think this type of thinking is what drives people to ‘follow their heart’ and go wherever it leads, and I bet you, that will not help you find purpose.

Also thinking that your parents are your origin, and that you are just a product of biology puts you in a relative position to think that you just have to do whatever you feel you can do and that is it. But that is absolutely wrong, I mean, doing whatever you feel you can do doesn’t mean the same thing as doing what you should do.

The first thing we must understand so that we can fully understand this whole thing is that “to every product, there is a manufacturer. To everything formed there is a creator”. Now what do you understand about manufacturers and their products? If you’ve ever been a manufacturer of any product, what prompted you to create that product? If you would agree with me that to every product there is a manufacturer, you would also agree with me that every human came to be because of a Creator.

To many of you this is profound, I mean this goes way totally against what you have always believed. I don’t mean this critically but this goes for those who believe in the evolution theory; in a sense believing in the evolution theory dismisses them from responsibilty- it makes them think they are not accountable to anyone so therefore they can choose their own path for themselves and do whatever they feel they want to do. There is a passage of the bible that says, “I know, LORD, that our lives are not our own.We are not able to plan our own course. “(Jeremiah 10: 23 New Living Translation of the Bible). This just goes to prove that you are not the owner of your life, you don’t just choose what you want to do, you can’t just be anything and everything.

Let’s go by our first premises that says to every product there is a’d also agree with me that before a manufacturer creates a product, he already knows why he’s making that product, ‘what purpose is it going to serve’. The same applies with our creator. Before any of us were formed, GOD which is our creator has already planned a purpose for us in mind. He already knows what we are capable of and why we are living. He designed and formed us with a purpose. GOD said to Jeremiah that, “before I formed you in the womb, I already knew you”( jeremiah 1: 5 ). Before even our parents ever thought of concieving us, GOD already knew us and has made us for a purpose.

GOD is our origin. Just like every product originates from a manufacturer, so we all originated from our creator which is GOD, and he has made you for a purpose. This just takes the wind off the sail of many people. If you ever want to discover your purpose, you have to acknowledge the fact that you have a creator.

Now GOD is not a magician that you go to and just get whatever you want from Him. It doesn’t work that way. He is our creator and He seeks to establish a relationship with us. His word says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that LOVE GOD, to them who are the called according to His purpose.(Romans8:28).See, it starts with loving GOD then you can begin to see what purpose He has in mind for you. And you just can’t develop this loveƐ for GOD until you are saved. You have to call on the name of the LORD to be saved(romans 10:13). This is not something that you feel you have to do. You must believe it in your heart. Again the bible says ,”That if you shall confess with thy mouth the LORD JESUS, and shall believe in your heart that GOD has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved”(romans 10:9). GOD has instituted our salvation by sending JESUS to die for us, and if you believe this in your heart and confess the Lordship of JESUS over your life, only then can you come into a relationship with GOD. So I encourage you today to have a relatioship with GOD, it will help you in finding your purpose.



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