ImageOnly a few people in life have mastered the art of

public speaking. Now you may want to wave this off

and be like,”oh, I don’t need this stuff. This is for the

CEOs, and MDs and top businessmen….I don’t even

have an audience to address.” But I’d like to let you

know that sooner or later, everyone will have to

address an audience, whether large or small and the

earlier you start learning how to do this, the better it

will be for you and your to be audience.

Now the first thing you should do is to make a

decision to not be overcome by fear. A lot of people

don’t know this that feeling fear is hugely different

from being afraid. It is within the power of your choice

to choose whether to be overcome by fear or not.

Making this decision helps you to build more

confidence in yourself, and helps you to be more

composed. Start by saying to yourself continuously

that, ‘I will not live in fear’. As you say this over and

over again, you become more in control of yourself

and are more able to decide whether to be overcome

by fear or not.

The next and most vital thing to do is to know your

stuff. When you come out to speak in public, people

assume already that you are a pro and so it is up to

you, whether to convince them or disappoint them.

You should know the subject topic in and out so you

don’t fumble. What lecturer is it that goes to lecture a

class without conducting a proper study of the subject

he is to lecture.

Another point of note is, YOU MUST BE COMPOSED.

Everything you have to say must be composed and

arranged in a very clear order. All discussions under

the topic should follow sequentially and must be

related. The best form of speaking is stringed

speaking in which everything you say is tied to one

string and follows a clear order, that’s how you know

a good speaker.

For more on this subject, click on the image above.


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