This is a story of a thirsty donkey that went on a long journey through the desert. At the end of his tedious journey, the donkey was tired, hungry and thirsty. As it trudged along, it noticed two stacks of hay at different ends of a field. The donkey thought to himself, “there is food for me!” Then realized that the two different haystacks were at opposite ends

of the field.
  The donkey, being a “christian”, decided to seek the will of God concerning which of the haystacks he should approach. The donkey decided to pray. As the donkey was bowing his head to pray, he noticed a bucket of water positioned by the haystack on the right. The donkey then prayed a simple but powerful prayer and said, ” O God, I want to know your will concerning which direction to go. Should I go to the haystack on the right or to the one on the left? ”
  After praying, the donkey gathered himself together and started walking towards one of the haystacks. Which of the haystacks do you think the donkey went to? Well, when asked, the donkey said, “God has directed me to the one on the right”.
  Everyone can predict that the donkey would say that God had directed him to the haystack on the right. However, you and I both know that it was probably the bucket of water that attracted the donkey to the haystack on the right. It is time to be honest and tell the truth! Is it really the Spirit of God leading us or is it the voice of our flesh and of circumstances? Think on this.


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